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At Pandora, we use and investigate a lot of new machine learning and big data tools, GraphLab Create helps us iterate on ideas for new product features faster and at large scale. - Oscar Celma, Director of Research, Pandora
I've found that Dato deeply understands the needs of the data scientist. The ease of use and scalable performance, which is not limited by the memory of the machine, are allowing us to innovate and advance at an astonishing pace. - Andrew Bruce, Senior Director of Data Science, Zillow
GraphLab Create meets our goals for speed and scale. Couple the power of the GraphLab Create platform with an extremely responsive support team and we can deliver personalized data insights to our customers. - Jonathan Seidner, CTO, Crosswise
Hotel Tonight
Within 30-minutes of installing Graphlab Create, I had built a text classifier with 90% accuracy analyzing hotel reviews from our customers. - Chas Lemley, Software Engineer, Hotel Tonight


What's new

Dato (GraphLab) wins third place at Strata + Hadoop World Startup Showcase!

Out of the dozen finalists, Dato impresses judges and attendees by demonstrating the simpicity of building a recommender and deploying it as live services on AWS - all in Python with GraphLab Create.

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GPU Technology Conference: Deep Learning Made Easy with GraphLab Create
March 20, 2015 | San Jose, CA

Big Data, Analytics & Machine Learning Israeli Innovation Conference
May 11, 2015 | Ramat Gan, Israel


Building predictive applications with Dato
Posted by Chris DuBois

At Dato, we are building tools to help people go from inspiration to production. That means that both data scientists and app developers can quickly make something useful from data, using Dato to do data munging, model building, and deployment so that predictive applications take less time to build.

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