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GraphLab Create gives you the power of SFrames and a full set of advanced machine learning toolkits and APIs so you can build the best machine learning applications, fast. GraphLab Create is free to use for non-commercial, personal or academic use, with no time constraints. For commercial users, GraphLab Create is free for a 30-day trial. There is no commitment to get started, just sign-up, get a product key and start building apps!

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Your product key has been generated. To make configuration easy, we have provided a shell command that will insert your product key in a GraphLab Create configuration file located in your home directory. Before running Python, paste the following code into your terminal window and execute. GraphLab Create will reference this file upon import.

(mkdir -p ~/.graphlab && echo -e "[Product]\nproduct_key={key}" > ~/.graphlab/config && echo "Configuration file written") || echo "Configuration file not written"

Successful completion of this step will show "Configuration file written" in your terminal window. Now, proceed to Step 2.

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Install GraphLab Create

GraphLab Create is a Python package and can be installed with or without GPU Acceleration:

Supported operating systems:

What do I need to do?

  1. Ensure your system is running Python 2.7.x (execute python -V in terminal)
  2. Install pip , a Python tool for installing Python packages
  3. Choose the installation method below that works best for you

You can install GraphLab Create system-wide (recommended) or in a Python virtual environment (virtualenv).

Copy and paste the following code into your terminal window and hit "Enter".

sudo pip install graphlab-create==1.3

If you are unsure about installing or upgrading these libraries system-wide we recommend installation with virtualenv .

Installing within a virtualenv contains the installation of GraphLab Create and allows you to customize the virtualenv with other Python packages you may want for your data science projects.

  1. Ensure your system has virtualenv installed. To verify, execute pip freeze . To install, execute sudo pip install virtualenv in your terminal before proceeding
  2. Copy and execute the following commands in your terminal. This will create a virtual environment called 'graphlab' and install GraphLab Create version 1.3
virtualenv graphlab
. graphlab/bin/activate
pip install graphlab-create==1.3
Resource: Learn how to use virtualenv

See detailed installation instructions for Mac OS X , Linux and Windows .


Start Creating: Hello World

Now you can start using GraphLab Create. Let's build a recommender. Copy and paste the following code into your Python console.

import graphlab as gl
url = ''
data = gl.SFrame.read_csv(url, column_type_hints={"rating":int})
model = gl.recommender.create(data, user_id="user", item_id="movie", target="rating")
results = model.recommend(users=None, k=5)

You've just used the fundamentals of GraphLab Create! To learn more about this recommender see this notebook .

What's next?

Get started by visiting our Learn section where you will find our user guide, API documents, How To sample code, a syntax translator and more.

The Getting Started with GraphLab Create is a good IPython notebook for beginners. Download the code and have fun. It will give you a broad overview of how to use GraphLab Create. The notebook introduces the SFrame and SGraph, data structures ideal for working with very large tabular and graph datasets. The Getting Started notebook also introduces our machine learning toolkits. In the demo, you’ll ingest data, build a graph, and create a model to generate insight. Check out all of our notebooks, there's a lot to see!